Property Management: When Is it Time to Outsource?

Investing in rental properties is an effective method for diversifying your portfolio and potentially earning high returns on your initial investment. The best aspect of purchasing a rental property is that you can build wealth by collecting monthly rent payments and waiting for the building to appreciate in value.

While an apartment building will certainly help you bolster your investment portfolio, actively managing this type of property is challenging and time-consuming without extensive management experience. Instead of actively managing this investment, consider placing the apartment in your portfolio as a passive investing opportunity.

In this situation, you can avoid spending a considerable amount of your own time on collecting rent payments, fixing problems, and screening tenants. If managing the daily tasks associated with being a property manager has become too difficult for you, it may be time to outsource.

Signs You Should Consider Outsourcing Property Management

There are plenty of signs that may be telling you it’s time to outsource your property manager to an individual or property management firm. These signs include:

  • Your property is located in a different city from where you live
  • You’ve been finding it difficult to keep up with everyday management tasks
  • You’re having to deal with legal issues pertaining to evictions or other aspects of landlord-tenant law
  • You’re starting to overlook general maintenance requirements
  • You’re falling behind on collecting rents
  • Vacancies are increasing
  • You are regularly stressed out
  • Your investment portfolio is beginning to increase in size

Not every investor has the time or inclination to manage the properties they’ve invested in. Even if you’ve successfully managed your rental property in the past, the stresses associated with property management can build up over time. If you want to avoid these issues altogether and focus solely on the returns your investment is generating, you could choose to hire a property manager or property management firm to reduce your burdens and maximize returns.